Who is Shrikant Paliwal ?

Hi, I am Shrikant Paliwal

A geeky dreamer who enjoys technology and addicted to programming in many fields like Data Science, Machine Learning and Blockchain etc..

I mostly make tech-related projects for fun.

I love to talk and get in touch with creative people, So if you think we can discuss something and I can help you with your project ping me.

Sharing is Caring

I am a continuous learner.

I like to share my knowledge in all these fields. Feel free to check out my blog.

Python Automation

I can help you setup a python based automation framework to simplify your task.

Software Development

I can help you create or speed up your software development process. 

Internet of Things

Programming Inter-connected devices, bot scripting and coding for wearable project 

Machine Learning

The art of teaching a machine how to do stuff is just coolest thing ever.

Data Analytics

Let us build an algorithm which will help you understand your data.

Data Scraping/Mining

Collect or modify data with the help of automated scripts and crawler to save time.